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'Must Do Better' Book Launch

Mon, 31 Jan 2022, 16:00 GMT

Co-authors Harry Hudson and Roy Blatchford will talk about the ideas and provocations in the book. Those attending the launch will receive a discount code for the book from publishers John Catt Education.

Join the conversation about teaching's place in society and why it matters - a round-table chaired by Sir Anthony Seldon.

Blinks: High quality reviews and training
Blinks: High quality reviews and training
Blinks: High quality reviews and training
High quality reviews and training
High quality reviews and training

What are Blinks?
  • Blinks offer high quality reviews of educational settings: nurseries, schools, colleges, university departments. A fresh pair of eyes aims to get to the heart of a setting.

  • Blinks involve one or two-day visits focused on improving the quality of offer to children and students. 'Less is more' and 'working alongside' are guiding principles.

  • Blinks are tailored to each individual context, rooted in best national and international practice, and led by experienced practitioners in their fields.

  • Blinks provide leaders with: an independent, written report evaluating educational quality; professional development in self-evaluation; supportive agenda for future directions.

Blinks: High quality institution reviews for the education sector


Blinks (short inspections) were first developed by Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMI) in England's schools.

The Blinks team has extended the range over the past fifteen years to include nurseries and kindergartens, schools and academy trusts serving all ages, further education colleges and university courses.

In overseas contexts, Blinks have been commissioned in government, private and international schools and university departments.

Common areas of focus for Blinks include:
  • Institution self-evaluation: 'good' to 'great'

  • teaching and learning experience

  • curriculum and ethos

  • oracy and literacy

  • middle and senior leadership

  • high performance learning.

Blinks: High quality institution reviews for the education sector

What do leaders say about Blinks?

'Thank you for the two days. It was fantastic CPD experience for my colleagues and me, and will help us improve.' (Headteacher)

'Thank you for sprinkling your wisdom and inspiration across the Trust. Your words and ideas will embed in our work.'(CEO, MAT)

'We commissioned one-day Blinks for thirty of our primary schools to help headteachers with sharp self-evaluation. Student outcomes and inspection results improved significantly for almost all participating schools.' (Local Authority Director)

'Blinks were conducted over a three month period across fifteen of our primary, special and secondary academies, with a focus on the consistency of our ethos and enriching the curriculum for students. The process and the final reports were invaluable for leaders and teachers.' (Academy Trust Regional Director)

'Our family of seven schools serving students from around the world moved into the very good and outstanding inspection categories as a result of the week of Blinks. Fun and professionally engaging.' (CEO, International Schools)

'The Foundation Year provision at the university has been radically overhauled since we commissioned the Blink. Students and faculty found the 'working with' style of those leading the Blink enabling and positive.' (Head of College)

Blinks: High quality institution reviews for the education sector

Roy Blatchford CBE leads and quality assures the Blinks programme in the UK and internationally, having reviewed/inspected over 1000 settings. He has served as a school principal and as one of Her Majesty's Inspectors.

Roy was Founding Director, National Education Trust (2006-16).

Read Roy Blatchford's latest book: The Three Minute Leader     © Blinks 2022

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